How to start with NextPM?

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How to connect NextPM?

Use our Plug & Play cable

Unit price 15 € excl tax

    When your cable is ready, follow a few simple steps and be ready to monitor : check our video tutorial.





    Go further with NextPM

    In our quest to provide the best user experience possible we have developed a grid to avoid insects to penetrate the sensor.

    <50 : 1.00 € excl tax

    1000 – 4999 : 0.75 € excl tax

    > 5000 : contact us

    How to attach NextPM to its casing?

    2 Built in screw holes in the back enabling to attach NextPM to any casings

    The 2 fixing points of NextPM are not tapped, and have an internal diameter of 1.96 mm – the first screw installation acts as a tap.

    Our recommendation :

    Use stainless steel screws with a diameter of 2.5 mm and a length of 6 mm.
    If we consider a support plate with a thickness of 2 mm, use a 4 mm screw.
    Torx (T6 or T8) is preferred for the screw head.