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Next PM lite

Designed for indoor air quality monitoring and home equipment, NextPM Lite provides real-time measurements of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 in µg/ m3 and pcs/ L. NextPM Lite is one of the smallest sensors on the market with the most advanced performance.


General -

Particle in µg/m3 & pcs/L
Channel 1
PM 1
Channel 2
PM 2.5
Channel 3
PM 10


Performance +

Power consumption
<50 mA average
Lifespan (MTTF)
10 000 hours


Other +

L 33,5 mm x l 32,6 mm x H 20,3 mm
UART/Modbus - I2C
Acquisition frequency
Communication option
Running average 10 – 60 – 900 sec
Operating conditions
0 to +50 °C not condensed 500 to 1500 hPa


Technical downloads

Name Type Date File Size
Datasheet 2023-09-08 pdf 303 KB
3D CAD File (STEP) 2024-03-19 zip 402 KB

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