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OEM Integration

TERA Sensor design office is now able to propose a full OEM integration service for its clients. Our hardware and software engineers will tailor a project to your need to create the perfect integration solution.

Our approach can be summarized in 5 main steps :

  • 1/ Planning and Requirements Gathering:
    • Define project scope, objectives, and requirements.
    • Analyze technical specifications and regulatory constraints.
    • Establish communication channels and identify key stakeholders.
  • 2/ Design and Development:
    • Generate initial design concepts and alternatives.
    • Develop detailed engineering drawings and documentation.
    • Conduct prototyping and testing to refine the design.
    • Specify materials, components, and manufacturing processes.
  • 3/ Production and Quality Control:
    • Plan production schedules and coordinate with suppliers.
    • Implement quality control processes and standards.
    • Assemble components into the final product.
    • Conduct integration testing and address compatibility issues.
  • 4/ Logistics and Delivery:
    • Arrange for packaging and transportation logistics.
    • Monitor inventory levels and manage supply chain.
    • Ensure on-time delivery of integrated products to the OEM client.
  • 5/ Post-Integration Support and Closure:
    • Provide post-integration technical support.
    • Address warranty claims and post-integration issues.
    • Complete project documentation and deliverables.
    • Conduct a project review and gather lessons learned for future improvements.

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