The best range of PM sensors available for your environments

The NextPM sensor series has been designed to meet the highest quality requirements and standards for fine particle measurement. With 3 patents to offer the best quality/size/price compromise, the NextPM series of sensors gives you real-time particle concentrations in number and mass.

From cleanroom monitoring to smart city applications, the NextPM series is the most advanced particle measurement solution available on the market.



Why choose us?

All of our developments for more than 20 years are based on expertise and innovation with a single objective, to remain at the forefront of our profession.

You have projects but don’t know where to start? We help you on your integration process to meet your goals.

Electronics, aerolic, casing, firmware… each part of our sensors have been designed by our engineers to provide the most advanced PM micro sensor available.

With 3 patents and continuous production control, our sensors are Made In France to meet the highest quality standards.