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Test Systems

Strong of its parent company Groupe TERA and it’s expertise in the world of sensors TERA Sensor is developing custom test systems incorporating the following key elements: Technical Hardware: Our test systems are built upon a foundation of robust and sophisticated technical hardware. These components form the backbone of our solutions, ensuring durability and performance. Equipment Instrumentation: Precision is paramount in testing, and our equipment instrumentation is engineered to exacting standards. This precision allows us to capture and analyze data with the highest degree of accuracy.

Precise Sensor Technology: Our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology. These sensors are finely tuned to provide real-time data on aerosol behavior, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Programmable Logic Controllers: The intelligence behind our systems lies in the programmable logic controllers (PLCs). These controllers provide dynamic control and monitoring, enabling us to tailor each test to precise specifications.

User-Friendly Software: We understand that ease of use is crucial in complex testing environments. Our systems feature user-friendly software interfaces, empowering users to effortlessly configure, control, and retrieve data. This user-centric approach enhances efficiency and accessibility.

What sets our custom test systems apart is their adaptability. Each element can be abstracted to suit the unique requirements of various tests, accommodating different standards or the diverse nature of test items. This modular design ensures a remarkable level of interchangeability, a feature highly valued by our clients.

In essence, our custom test systems are a harmonious blend of advanced technology and user-centric design, crafted to excel in diverse applications while providing a high degree of customization to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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