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OEM sensors

TERA Sensor is committed to providing state of the art sensors for fine particles real time monitoring.

The NextPM sensor series has been designed to meet the highest quality requirements and standards for fine particle measurement. With 3 patents to offer the best quality/size/price compromise, the NextPM series of sensors gives you real-time particle concentrations in number and mass.

Our applications range from cleanroom monitoring to smart city applications, the NextPM series is the most advanced particle measurement solution available on the market.
NextPM can work both indoors and outdoors, no doubt that it will be responding to your application.

Our sensors have been developed in house by our team of engineers and technicians who all have extensive experience in the field of air quality, metrology and more.
From hardware to software everything is engineered in house at our headquarters in Rousset.
Our sensors are integrated in thousands of devices across the world as of today.

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