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Smart Add ons

At TERA Sensor we are always innovating and improving our sensors. The next generation of products will go one step further in our will to have the most accurate sensors in the world. This new and unique feature of add ons will be exclusively compatible with any NextPM and will enable the next generation of customization.

We have been developing industry specific algorithms with several partners for the past couple of years and came up with a range of customized algorithms.

Now we present the first 3 available.

Any of our clients already in possession of a NextPM will be able to easily integrate the add on and enable 3 different algorithms to respond to the following industry specific needs:
– Underground Railway
– Heavy Industry
– Outdoor Air Quality (PM10)

The algorithms will be implemented through an additional NextPM Smart module (available here).
Then our clients can implement and choose any of the 3 available algorithms.

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